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I started a story yesterday that will follow Altair’s Acquisition. I’m not really sure of the story line yet. I just had the idea of where to start so I did. I guess we’ll find out what happens when it happens.
I thought I would mention a couple of websites that I have found that caught my interest. The first is Bargain eBooks. This is a blog by writer Holly Hook that features a new ebook every day.She doesn’t read and review them, at least from what I have read so far, but readers and authors submit to her and she posts them. The posts show cover art, links to purchase sites, a blurb about the book, and reviews from readers. I think this is a good way for writers to find new fans and for readers to find new new books to read. All the books posted are $5.00 or less thus the use of bargain in the name. I’ve provided a link to Bargain eBooks in my side bar.
Another site I have found is MobilRead forums. This fourm has sections that are specifically for different brands of e-readers, sections for writers, sections for different formats, and lots more. All kinds of information available there. You will find a link to this forum in the side bar also.

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