The Purpose of This Blog

I thought for my first real post on my new blog I would  comment on the reason behind it all. My reason for starting this is the same as any other author or really anyone with a blog. To draw attention to myself. Writers, artists, musicians,actors, and anyone who wants to sell a product has a blog for one purpose as I see it. That is to say “Look at me and what I’ve done.” Some people don’t have anything to sell they just want to say “Look at me.” Even people who blog about a charity or aren’t trying to sell anything, like an artist that just puts up their art for others to enjoy. The purpose of any blog is to draw peoples attention.
I’m not criticizing this, just stating it as I see it. My intent is the same. I want you to come here and see what I have written. Hopefully you will like my work and purchase it from one of the sites where it is up for sale. Possibly you will think my work is garbage. You are welcome to leave comments and tell me so as long as it is done constructively and politely. Otherwise it will just be deleted.  I know I am not in the same class as Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Robert Jordan, or many others. That is something to strive for whether I ever make it or not. Constructive criticism is what is needed, along with practice, to set me on that path.
The first story I will post here is a continuation of the story line from Aphelion’s Demise. As soon as I have a title I will start posting it. It will take several posts as it is not complete yet and I’m not sure how long it will be. After it has been posted here it will be put on Smashwords for sale. It will also be posted here before it is edited so please disregard typos and poor punctuation.
So basically, “Look at me and what I wrote!” And please come back for more.

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